It’s hard to tell if things move quickly or slowly in 2020

It’s hard to tell if things move quickly or slowly in 2020, but in the case of Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3, I’m going to go with quickly. It’s likely a side effect of having two hyper-extended seasons just before this, but all of a sudden we’re more than halfway through the season, and I feel like we might actually not get delayed this time. And that means we’ve also got new challenges: nothing all that free v bucks codes interesting, to be honest, but enough to grab you some more battle stars and work towards Tier-100. I don’t think you’ll need all that much help here, but just in case, here are the Season 3, Week 6 challenges and how to solve them.

Let’s get into it:

  • Deal damage at Rickety Rig: 0/500
  • Eliminations at Pleasant Park: 0/3
  • Land at the Authority and finish top 25: 0/1
  • Catch a weapon at Stack Shack: 0/1
  • Search Chests: 0/10
  • Search Chests: 0/100
  • Search Ammo Boxes at Salty Springs: 0/7

Of all of these, the only one you might need a little nudge on would be catching a weapon at Stack Shack: the location is on the map, but it’s sort of small and you might need some help getting there, so check our guide on that one.

For the rest? Simple as it comes. I do sort of like the “search 100 chests” challenge that encourages you to work in a squad of 4, though one supposes it would happen quickly enough through regular play as well. Aside from that, these are all bog standard: go to a place and do a thing.

I hope that we get somewhat more interesting challenges in the future, though for right now it seems like a lot of the more whimsical things are being sent over to secret challenges, where we have to teach the Coral Buddies how to build an entire Atlantean Society.